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Legacy Project - A series of interviews of law enforcement leaders sharing their experiences, insights and advise.

Syringe Programs in New York State

Developed for New York law enforcement, this video highlights relevant laws which authorize these programs while demonstrating how the service is ultimately delivered in the community. We visit syringe programs in Ithaca, Bronx and Harlem. Interviews from service programs and law enforcement officials make this a well-rounded and informative production. Time 16m 11s.

Officer Safety Series

Crash Report Series

  • Click Here for New York State Federal Excess Property “1033” Program Overview
  • Click here for a downloadable summary of syringe programs in New York and relevant sections of the Penal Law relating to CPCS 7th and possession of hypodermic instruments; This resource will also be included in our 2011 Law Enforcement Handbook.
  • DCJS Needle Exchange Advisory
  • Click here for a pocket reference card for Leandra’s Law offenses for Agg DWI, Ignition Interlock and Mandated Reporting to the State Central Register