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Ignition Interlock Device

NYS Ignition Inter Lock DevicesInformation about ignition interlock devices for New York State law enforcement officers. Read about a roll call training video which describes ignition interlock devices, the use, functionality and common circumvention tactics. The second page of the resource sheet provides information on the enforcement sections under Section 1198 of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Resource sheet
Watch Here

Asbestos Diseases Still Looming After 9/11 Attacks

Thoracic surgeon Dr. Raja Flores believes an alarming number of asbestos-related diseases, such as mesothelioma, will start emerging soon in New York City, stemming from rescue and cleanup efforts after the historic 9/11 terrorist attack at the World Trade Center 14 years ago..... arrow Read More

Graduated Driver Licensing for Law Enforcement

Download Pocket Guides Below!

Graduated License Pocket GuideThe Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) law is designed to provide time for young people to gain critical experience in various traffic scenarios in a safe and somewhat controlled manner. Each provision of the GDL is scientifically based to reduce injury and death among young drivers and their passengers. While discretion is the hallmark of policing, issuing a warning to a young driver, instead of a traffic infraction, circumvents the GDL safeguards and reduces the intent and safety benefit of this statute. This GDL pocket guide is an easy reference of restricted activities and violations for DJ and MJ permits and licenses. Please keep it handy and use it while on patrol to enforce the GDL law.



A Directory of Accredited Criminal Justice Schools.

One of the most comprehensive criminal justice degree websites available to students.

View Their Web Site at http://www.criminaljusticeprograms.com/

The Oneida County Sheriffs Office After Action Review and Report

Oneida Co Sheriffs OfficeRead the comprehensive, independent review of the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Oneida County Sheriff’s Deputy Kurt Wyman during the Knoxboro Road incident which spanned June 6 - 7, 2011.

Syringe Program Sample Policy

Sample policy for interactions with participants of syringe exchange programs (SEP), establishing points of communication between SEPs and law enforcement, descriptions of programs, what constitutes lawful possession, impact of 911 Good Samaritan Law for persons reporting or suffering from a medical emergency, and more. Included is an at-a-glance matrix of New York State’s harm reduction programs and the DCJS Legal Bulleting concerning the 911 Good Samaritan Law. Available here in MS Word and pdf formats so executives can customize for their own jurisdiction.

Developing Police Leaders in New York
by Asst. Chief Greg Veitch, Saratoga Springs PD

A synopsis of Asst. Chief Veitch’s thesis was published in the March edition of The Police Chief Executive. Want to read the complete report?

Pistol Permit Information Opt Out

Protect your pistol license information from being disclosed – opt-out of FOIL by using this form.

Good Samaritan 911 Law

New York’s Good Samaritan Law provides that, “..if an overdose or life threatening emergency exists, and health care for this condition is sought in good faith, then the “Good Samaritan” or victim shall not be charged or prosecuted for a controlled substance or marihuana offense, or possession of alcohol or drug paraphernalia.” The DCJS has released a legal memorandum explaining the law which became effective on September 18, 2011.

Under Age Enforcement Training CenterUnderage Drinking Enforcement Training Center

Provides training and technical assistance to law enforcement.

Check out their website at: http://www.udetc.org/distancelearning.htm

Topics covered include:

  • Party Prevention and Controlled Party Dispersal
  • Conducting Compliance Checks
  • Environmental Strategies

New York State Pocket Enforcer

pocket enforcerGet This Impressive One Of A Kind App Specifically For Law Enforcement.

New York State Pocket Enforcer - Developed especially for the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police - By Chief Mark Spawn (Ret.) Director of Research, Training and Development

CLICK HERE to learn more.

The Detection of DWI Motorcyclist

Children of Incarcerated Parents A Resource for New York Law Enforcement

Policy Resources

A resource for police agencies to assist parents in custody. A poster and brochure are designed to increase both the awareness and ability to make arrangements for child case during their short-term or long-term incarceration:

Downloadable poster for booking/processing area—message: Tell the officer if you have children that need care. Pick one:imageimage

Version 1 (at right): includes “Officer will allow you to make calls for child care.”

Version 2 (at left): includes, “Be sure to ask officer to allow you to make calls for care of children.”


Downloadable brochure (at right) for parents in custody. Forms are included for parents to appoint a caregiver for their child. Includes contact information for support services for parents, children and caregivers. Use this in combination with one of the posters, above.

[Print onto legal size paper and fold. Copies also available from New York State Permanent Judicial Commission on Justice for Children.]

Other Resources

imageManagement of the Severely Mentally Ill and Its’
Effect on Homeland Security

  • Description: local law enforcement is dealing with the unintended consequences of a policy change that in effect removed the daily care of our nation’s severely mentally ill population from the medical community and placed it with the criminal justice system. This has resulted in a spike in the frequency of arrests of severely mentally ill persons, prison and jail population and the homeless population. Go Here to read this article

Community Notification of Level 2 Sex Offenders

New Procedure For Persons Wanting To Review Their N.Y.S Rap Sheet

  • Click here for new procedure for persons wanting to review their NYS rap sheet. You can download the advisory document here.

Resources For Cases Involving Missing And Exploited Children

missing childrenFrom the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a policy designed to serve as a general reference that can be modified to fit the specific needs of any agency regardless of size. It shows the progression of the missing-person response process from case intake through first response, case investigation, recovery, and case closure. http://www.missingkids.com/en_US/documents/ModelPerson.pdf

From the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – The way in which reports of missing or sexually exploited children are handled is important and can mean the difference between life and death for many children. Yet, there is no standardized process that is used by the nation’s 9-1-1 Call Centers when answering these types of calls. These standards have been created to address that problem. They provide a step-by-step protocol of how call takers should handle calls of missing or sexually exploited children. http://www.missingkids.com/en_US/documents/911standards.pdf

Several other links, lists and tools are also available from NCMEC at http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/PageServlet?LanguageCountry=en_US&PageId=4067

Be sure to check our AMBER Alert podcast series on the APB Podcast page.

Syringe Programs in New York

  • Click here for a downloadable summary of syringe programs in New York and relevant sections of the Penal Law relating to CPCS 7th and possession of hypodermic instruments; This resource will also be included in our 2011 Law Enforcement Handbook.

Check our APB Podcast on this topic

Human Trafficking

human trafficking referencePOLICE OFFICERS IN NEW YORK STATE - Click here for a reference sheet on Human Trafficking, including Sex Trafficking, Labor Trafficking and Promoting Prostitution crimes. You will also find information about your obligation under the New York State Social Services Law to provide certain information to victims of certain crimes. Listen to our podcast on Human Trafficking, an interview with Andra Ackerman, Director of Human Trafficking Prevention and Policy at the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

DWI and DWAI/Drugs Warning Cards

dwi warningWarning cards available here for download. The pdf file is formatted to provide a two-sided printed pocket reference card with the DWI Warning on one side and the DWAI/Drugs warning on the opposite side. This file will print onto standard pre-scored business card stock available at office supply stores. (Select two-sided/duplex when printing the file, or feed each side independently through the printer). These can also be sent to your commercial printer, printed onto plain paper, or even laminated.

Download Them Here

ambaer alert

Amber Alert and DCJS
Missing Child Alert Quick Reference

Revised 6/11

fire prevention logo

Fire Debris Evidence Collection Bulletin

Homeland security

Homeland Security Grants

id theft

Identity Theft Checklist
Post this in your station and use as a handout for victims of Identity Theft

dwi reference card

Click here for a pocket reference card for Leandra’s Law offenses for Agg DWI, Ignition Interlock and Mandated Reporting to the State Central Register


State Contracts


stop dwi

Stop Impaired Drivers

Choices 301


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