April 7, 2021

Meeting Called to Order (Zoom).

  • The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 11am.

 Roll Call: Chief Daniel Denz, Chief (ret.) Mark Henderson, Deputy Inspector David Regina, Chief Joseph Sinagra, Chief (ret.) Michael Geraci (NYSACOP Traffic Safety Services Coordinator), Assistant Chief (ret.) William Georges (NYSACOP TSOL & Committee Chairman) 

  • All members present.

 Welcome and Recent Changes to Committee 

  • The Chair welcomed everyone and introduced our newest member Chief Joseph Sinagra, Saugerties PD.  Chief Sinagra was appointed to the Committee by NYSACOP President Parisi upon the retirement of Nick Macherone.

 Approval of March 11th Committee Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to approve the March 11 minutes by Chief Denz, 2nd by Deputy Insp. Regina

Updates/Status on Previous Agenda Topics:

  • Traffic Point of Contacts
  1. We now have 210 POC’s across all NYSACOP Zones.  Four geographically divided introductory meetings were held via Zoom.  Information sharing and additional meetings will take place in the coming weeks.  We still need additional POCS in Zones 7, 8 and 9.  Most of the other Zones have 100% representation and have an identified POC.

Podcast by TraCS Coordinator, NYSP Sgt. Hedges

  1. Mike spoke with NYSP Sgt. Hedges. The Sgt. Is willing to participate in the development/delivery of a TraCS podcast for chiefs/executives.  The TSC recommends this type of format in order to provide an awareness for Chiefs of the data that TraCS can provide.   
  2. In a related issue there is concern regarding the NYSP moving away from TraCS to a new RMS platform from Niche.  We have been informed that the NYSP intends to continue their support of TraCS for the foreseeable future.

Update on NY Legislation “Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act”

  • This issue remains open as no clear guidance has not been provided by DMV.  It appears that local courts will have to maintain records for payment plans for Failure to Pay Fines as the State does not have such capabilities. 

AAMVA/IACP/NOBLE – “What to Do and Expect When Pulled Over by Police”

  • This action item was discussed and approved at previous meetings.  The AAMVA document and the NYSACOP cover letter has been distributed to all Active Members and to all POC’s. 

GTSC Grant Training Webinar and Grant Submission Deadline (Mike) 

  • At the request of NYSACOP, GTSC held a grant workshop webinar on March 24 that was attended by approximately two-hundred individuals.  As a result, we are hopeful that additional and improved applications will be submitted.  All grant applications must be received by GTSC by May 1.

New Business:

  • Future Committee Meetings – Continue Zoom or Travel, Guest Speakers, Partner invites?
  1. The Committee had a lengthy discussion regarding in-person vs virtual meetings.  It was decided that the May meeting will be via Zoom and that we will try to coincide in-person meetings with NYSACOP Board meetings.  This will provide an opportunity for TSC members who are also NYSACOP Board members to attend without the need for additional travel. Mike will coordinate with Pat Phelan regarding logistics for the June Board/TSC meetings.   
  •  Marijuana Legislation/Law Enforcement Issues
  1. Lengthy discussion regarding the passage of NYS legalization of marihuana and various sections of the law specifically dealing with possession and /or operation of a motor vehicle.  Chief Sinagra is developing language for a related local law that addresses possession by individuals under the age of 21. He will be meeting with local/county legal reps over the next several days and keep us informed of progress.
  2.  It was also requested that we ask NYSACOP Liaison NYPD Deputy Commissioner Oleg Chernyavsky to consider offering a related briefing for the TSC and the NYSACOP Board as the NYPD as produced a comprehensive summary of the legislation and guidance for their MOS.  
  •  .05 BAC Legislation
  1. Former NHTSA Region 2 Administrator Tom Louizou is working with a group advocating for .05 legislation.  He has asked if NYSACOP has taken or interested in taking a position on the legislation.  Neither the TSC nor the NYSACOP Board have taken a position.  The TSC will invite Tom and MADD reps to a future TSC meeting for an open discussion, most likely during the June 2021 meeting.
  • MADD
  1. Per above, MADD reps will be invited to a future TSC meeting.
  • Requests for Information re: Problems with ATVs, Dirt bikes, etc.
  1. Bill and Mike had a conference call with NYPD Captain Worobey regarding the NYPD’s policies / practices of handling incidents of ATV’s, dirt bikes, etc. when taking over city streets.   The Captain has offered to participate in a webinar-type discussion with our POC’s.  The TSC would like to highlight other communities that may also have innovative measures handling such incidents.  Mike will be following up with GTSC motorcycle program reps for their assistance.
  •  Topics for Conference Session, “Intersections” and Future Podcasts
  1. Bill asked all Committee members to give some thought regarding potential presenters for the Traffic Session at the NYSACOP Conference.  He also asked for possible topics for NYSACOP publications.  We would like to highlight Nick Macherone’s career in the next edition of Intersections. 
  2. Related issues will be discussed further during the May TSC meeting.


  • None

Next Meeting:

Thursday, May 4th @11am via Zoom, Mike will send the link in advance.


  • Motion to adjourn by Chief Denz, 2nd by Chief Sinagra, meeting adjourned at 12:07pm

 NYSACOP Traffic Safety Committee Mission Statement:

 Assist our members in enhancing traffic safety services to reduce crash related fatalities, injuries and economic loss, while also providing additional positive outcomes resulting in safer roadways and communities.