Minutes for February 11 & 16, 2021 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

The February meeting took place via Zoom on two dates (2/11/21 & 2/16/21) in order to accommodate attendance by all TSC members. The minutes are a combination of comments/actions from both meetings.

  • February 11, attended by Dep. Inspector D. Regina, Chief (ret.) M. Geraci, Asst. Chief (ret.) W. Georges, Dep. Chief (ret.) D. Macherone – Committee Chairman.
  • February 16, attended by Chief D. Denz, Chief (ret) M. Henderson, Chief (ret.) M. Geraci, Asst. Chief (ret) W. Georges, Dep. Chief (ret) D. Macherone – Committee Chairman

Welcome & Meeting - Called to Order on both dates at 11am

Approval of January 14, 2021 Meeting Minutes:

  • February 11, motion to approve by Insp. Regina, 2nd Bill Georges
  • February 16, motion to approve by Chief Denz, 2nd M. Henderson

Updates/Status on Previous Agenda Topics

  • Agency Traffic Point of Contact/Registry – 108 agency responses to date.  


  1. Regional Associations are assisting to solicit additional POC’s. 
  2. Insp. Regina offered to work on obtaining additional Zone 1 POC’s.


  • Mandatory seatbelt policy requirement – contacted DCJS D/Comm. Wood who is checking with their Accreditation Section, ref: compliance standard/waiver latitude?
  1. DCJS Dep. Comm Wood is following up with his staff. No additional information at this time on how agencies attain accreditation w/o a seat-belt policy. The issue will continue to be researched.
  • PSA/PODCAST(s) – NYSP Sergeant Hedges/TraCS Coordinator contacted, ref: PODCAST covering data resources/report capabilities – checking on approval.
  1. Nick is following-up with the NYSP TraCs Administrator.
  2. The TSC members were sent the TRAC’s website link where extensive details regarding the systems capabilities are available. https://tracs.troopers.ny.gov/news/highway-safety-management-in-new-york
  3. A related issue is a concern regarding the new RMS system that the NYSP will be transitioning to. The TSC will follow up to ensure that the NYSP will continue to support TraCs.
  •  Update on NY Legislation “Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act”
  1. Both Insp. Regina and Bill Georges are monitoring sources for potential updates, as of now the Legislation is scheduled to take effect on 4/1/21. Until that time all current sect 511 sanctions remain in place.
  • Update on draft of Traffic Safety Talking Points for leaders
  1. Bill Georges is continuing to work on development of TS talking points, they will be shared with TSC members in draft form for comments.

Roundtable Discussion on Traffic Safety Engagement Resources, Strategies and Best Practices:

  • Moving forward to increase POC Registry – options? (Regional Association assistance)
  • Role and uses of the POC Registry to increase traffic safety engagement
  • Begin joint Zone POC welcome/orientation meetings (via zoom)
  1. A portion of the three issues above were previously discussed. Additionally, an introductory POC virtual meeting will take place in mid-March, specific details to follow.
  • Website Development as Resource Center (ongoing process)
  1. This is an on-going work in progress. Larry Eggert, NYSACOP webmaster has been very helpful in developing and posting items upon request. We see the website being utilized a Traffic Safety Resource Center.

New Business/Roundtable –

  • AAMVA/IACP Document – “What to Do and Expect When Pulled Over by Police” (Bill)
  1. Bill is drafting a cover letter that will be sent to all Active Members along with the AAMVA document. We will finalize the cover letter during our March 11, meeting.
  • Traffic Safety Column in NYSACOP’s Chiefs Chronicle Magazine “Intersections”
  1. Mark Spawn authors the Chief’s Chronicle on a quarterly basis, he will accept and will assist with article submitted by the TSC. The next issue is scheduled for June 2021.
  • Traffic presentation at NYSACOP’s Training Conference in July
  1. A date/time is being held for a Traffic Safety workshop. The TSC will discuss an appropriate session that will generate interest and attendance.
  • DCJS Webinar distribution - Recognizing Impaired Persons (RIP) Training
  1. Bill provided a description of this training. It is sponsored by the NYS STOP DWI Association and promoted by DCJS, however, it is not dedicated to traffic safety. It is a workplace awareness training of how to recognize an impaired person in the workplace. The TSC had consensus that we would not support or promote the training.

TSC Follow-up Activities/Assignments:

  • TSC Meeting Alignment with the TS Partnership Work Group
  1. Our intent is to invite external partners to a portion of the monthly TSC meeting or possibly add additional time. We will seek consensus at the March 11, meeting.
  • Other:
  1. Training: Bill and Mike had discussions with GTSC and the NYSP & NYSSA LEL’s regarding the possibility of revamping and consolidation of various traffic safety related training sessions, specifically, CMV, motorcycle, ATV’s, electric scooters, etc. Currently CMV and motorcycle training are multi-hour sessions on separate days. Our suggestion is to create an Alternate Vehicle training curriculum that would allow for one-day of training to be divided into various sections. There are many details yet to be worked out, however, the TSC agrees to move forward with the concept. The main benefit would be to have an officer attend one day of training version several as overtime / backfills is a critical concern.

Next Meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 11th

  • Mike will send a Zoom link in advance of the March meeting


  • 02/11/21 meeting adjourned at 11:58am

  • 02/16/21 motion to adjourn by Chief Denz, 2nd by B. Georges, meeting adjourned at 12pm

Mission Statement


“Assist our members in enhancing traffic safety services to reduce crash related fatalities, injuries and economic loss, while also providing additional positive outcomes resulting in safer roadways and communities”