Minutes for January 14, 2021 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Welcome & Meeting Called to Order

  • Meeting called to order @11am

Roll Call: Chief Daniel Denz, Chief (ret.) Mark Henderson, Deputy Inspector David Regina, Chief (ret.) Michael Geraci (TSOL), Assistant Chief (ret.) Bill Georges (TSOL)

  • All members present

Approval of December 8, 2020 Meeting Minutes

  • One correction, the title of the document was changed from Agenda to Minutes.  Motion to accept the 12/08/20 minutes by Bill Georges, 2nd by Mark Henderson.

Updates & Status of Topics Discussed at December’s TSC Meeting

  • Agency Traffic Point of Contact/Registry – Memorandum sent on 1/6/2021 (371); emails opened as of 1/11 (181); responses to date (45)
  1. Nick reports that 48 responses have been received, of those, 20 do not have a 2021 GTSC grant.
  2. Dan Denz reports that he promoted agency contact requests at Western Regional meetings. January 15 was the initial requested date for submissions. Nick will keep TSC members informed of progress. Additional outreach efforts will have to occur.

List of NYSACOP member agencies compiled by county (56% with GTSC 2021 grants)

  • No additional discussion on this issue

Mandatory seatbelt policy requirement/flexibility by GTSC grantees – awaiting return call from Accreditation Assessor on compliance standard/waiver latitude?

  • Mark was the NYSACOP rep on the NYS Accreditation Committee and confirmed the Seat-belt Standard but does not recall the Committee ever specifically discussing the issue. Nick will follow-up with an accreditation assessor to determine how agencies achieve accreditation without a seat-belt policy in place.

NYS A/G’s recommendation for NYPD to stop making routine traffic stops – feedback from Mid-Hudson Chiefs Meeting

  • Feedback from Ex. Director Pat Phelan is that the position by the AG appears to be focused solely on NYPD. We will continue to monitor the situation and re-visit the issue if necessary.

Website development as resource center – Notable Traffic Safety News Section Added

  • The NYSACOP Traffic webpages have been, and will continue to be, updated with current / notable issues/events. Please forward any related incidents, articles, etc. to Nick. Our intent is to create a timely and valuable resource center for our members.

Roundtable Discussion on Traffic Safety Engagement Resources, Strategies and Best Practices:

  • Survey to identify agency reasons/roadblocks for lack of grant participation?
  1. The general feeling of the TSC members is that no surveys should be distributed to NYSCAOP members at this time. CEO’s time and focus are consumed with Criminal Justice Reform efforts and the impacts of COVID. Recommendation to wait until at least April 1 before requesting additional information / involvement by Chiefs. In the interim we will utilize our newly created cadre of TS primary contacts for insight. All TSC members agree with this position.

Website Development as Resource Center (ongoing)

  • Discussed previously above


  • Suggestion for creation of a Podcast(s) that would highlight national traffic safety engagement strategies. What are the approaches currently being taken by the IACP, PERF, National Police Foundation, etc.? Bill will discuss this issue with his contacts at the IACP.
  • Also, suggestion for a PODCAST on how traffic safety is being integrated within criminal justice reform plans.
  • Extensive discussion regarding Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS). Many LE executives may not be aware of the analytical capabilities within the software. While the NYSP is currently migrating to a new RMS / ticketing software platform, they are still supporting and maintaining TraCS for local agencies. Suggestion to develop a Podcast with the NYSP relaying the functionalities of TraCS. It may also be very useful for Chiefs as they are developing their Criminal Justice Reform Plans and are in need of various data elements. Nick will follow-up with the NYSP and report back at the February meeting.

New Business/Roundtable –

  • NY Legislation “Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act” signed by Governor Cuomo
  1. The Bill becomes law on 04/01/21 however, to date there has not been any guidance from DMV on enforcement / judicial actions. Dave Regina offered a practical issue that he personally encountered during a traffic stop with a motorist with multiple related suspensions. How to resolve the situation at roadside is unclear. Dave also reports that it appears that there will an amendment regarding Failure to Appear. Bill will contact GTSC / DMV Legal to ask about their intentions for producing a P-Memo or other related guidance.
  • Causes of decreased traffic safety engagement
  • Efforts to increase and inspire traffic safety engagement
  1. Bill discussed the need to support NYSCAOP members through measures that will encourage enhanced traffic safety engagement. To further the effort, Bill has offered to develop topical talking points that can be universally used despite the size of the agency/community. Dan Denz added that many chiefs do not have much tenure and could use related assistance in public settings and media interviews. All members agreed that Bill should proceed as suggested. As such, Bill will work on a draft version that he will circulate to all TSC members.

TSC Follow-up Activities/Assignments:

  • TSC Meetings Alignment with TS Partnership Work Group Meetings (unknown - COVID)
  1. Brief discussion regarding scheduling meetings with our external partners. It is a deliverable in our GTSC grant. Suggestion to consider initiating an additional one-hour meeting with external partners, e.g. GTSC, NHTSA, ITSMR, in March or April. It will be a discussion item for resolution during our February meeting.
  • Other
  1. Bill reiterated information that was distributed via the NYSACOP bulletin regarding a DRE school scheduled for September 27-October 8, 2021, in Syracuse, NY. Applications are due February 12, 2021. NYSACOP will resend the notice.
  2. Bill provided a brief summary of a Zoom meeting that was held on 01/12/21 with GTSC rep Rob Lopez and Mike Geraci regarding Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) training. The expectation is that CMV training will take place virtually later this year, additional information to follow.

Next Meeting: Availability for Mid- February Zoom Meeting (1 hour)

  • At least for the next few months members agreed to meet the second Thursday of each month. The next regularly scheduled meeting is February 11 @11am. A calendar invite will be sent for February, March and April.


  • Motion to adjourn by Bill Georges, 2nd by Mark Henderson, Meeting adjourned at 12pm

Mission Statement

“Assist our members in enhancing traffic safety services to reduce crash related fatalities, injuries and economic loss, while also providing additional positive outcomes resulting in safer roadways and communities”