June 14, 2022, 11:00 A.M. (Zoom)
  • Meeting Called to Order – 11:00 A.M.
  • Roll Call:  Chief Joseph Sinagra, Inspector David Regina, Director of Public Safety Richard Tantalo, Chief (ret.) Daniel Denz (NYSACOP Traffic Safety Services Coordinator), Chief (ret.) Michael Geraci (NYSACOP TSOL), Assistant Chief (ret.) William Georges (NYSACOP TSOL & TSC Chairman).

All present and accounted for.


  • Guests: No guests this meeting.


  • Approval of May 11, 2022, Committee Meeting Minutes.

Motion: Chief Joseph Sinagra
2nd : Inspector David Regina



  • Updates/Status on Previous Agenda Topics:
    • NYS TAP Committee/DRE Issues:

Inspector Regenia related that there is nothing new to report regarding the NYS TAP Committee. He further reported that there is currently a DRE class being conducted in Suffolk County and all indications are that things are going well.

Chairman Georges relayed that it appears the next DRE class, which is scheduled to be held in Plattsburg, NY appears to be filling up and should go off as planned.


    • County Crash Dashboard – Use by GTSC Grant Applicants and Dashboard Updates:

Chairman Georges reported that he investigated effectiveness of the County Dashboard during the GTSC grant application period and he discovered that 30% of the grant applicant agencies utilized the Dashboard to assist them in their process.

Chairman Georges also reported that upon speaking with the Dashboard development team, the system continues to be loaded with crash data, with the goal of having 3 years of information available for review for any given grant period moving forward.


    • Motorcycle Safety/Education Press Event – May 13, 2022, Troy, N.Y.

Chairman Georges reported that he went to the press event, and it was well attended. He related that the Chief of Police for the Troy Police Department represented NYSACOP, along with the Troy PD NYSACOP Traffic Safety Point of Contact.


    • ESLETS Conference Debrief/Planning Meeting – June 1, 2022:

Chairman Georges reported that TSSC Denz, TSOL Geraci and he attend a meeting with the NYSP to debrief on the 2022 ESLETS Conference and begin planning for the 2023 Conference.

Chairman Georges related that all felt that the 2022 Conference was successful, with only a few minor issues which can be fixed going into next year. He reported that the following suggestions were put forward to consider when planning the 2023 Conference:

  1. Spread out the introductions and welcoming comments by dignitaries over both days of the conference, thereby saving time at the beginning of the event.
  2. Have the GTSC Instructors do a short presentation on each of their respective topics in order to inform the conference audience on what educational programs are available.
  3. Hold an interactive Round-Table program whereby the audience has the opportunity to relate trends/programs/initiatives and brainstorm during an open-mic question and answer session.
  4. Engage the NYS Sheriffs Association to determine if they would like a bigger role in the Conference.
  5. Establish a booth for GTSC in the vendor area, so GTSC can station representatives to answer questions attendees may have regarding grants, programs, etc.


    • Coalition to Protect New Yorkers from Drugged Driving Activity:

Chairman Georges reported that NYSACOP officially supported the efforts of the Coalition however, the legislative proposals put forward gained no traction prior to the end of the recent legislative session. The Coalition will attempt to move its efforts forward in the future.


    • Review/Discussion re: NYC A/Commissioner Kim Wiley-Schwartz’s Presentation:

All agreed that the presentation was well done and worthwhile. It was also unanimously agreed that the TSC will not distribute the information further because even though it was well constructed, may cause confusion amongst individual agencies and/or officers in the field.

Chairman Georges reported that although it was a nice gesture to suggest Ms. Schwartz become a NYSACOP TSC member, after checking with Executive Director Phelan, you must be a NYSACOP member to be on a NYSACOP committee. The TSC will maintain a relationship with her and communicate with her as necessary.


    • Traffic Safety Points of Contact (POC) Outreach/Initiatives Plan:

Chairman Georges reported that we are in the process of developing another webinar specifically designed for the NYSACOP POCs. Also, we are going to attempt to set up and attend regional POC meetings with the goal of getting them more engaged with the POC program.


    • NYSACOP Annual Conference – Traffic Safety Presentations & TSC Meeting:

Chairman Georges reported that everyone is now on board who was asked to participate in the Traffic Safety panel discussion scheduled for the Conference. He will be scheduling a conference call amongst the panelists prior to the presentation to review and finalize the program. Chairman Georges will also be doing a traffic safety presentation at the Executive Track.


    • Traffic Safety Engagement and Equity in Enforcement Programs:

Chairman Georges reported that the Virginia Chiefs Association has submitted a formal request to the IACP Highway Safety Committee to approach NHTSA/DOT to present a clear definition of the term “Equity” as it pertains to the vision of each of those agencies. Concerns continue as to the mixed messaging being sent to law enforcement on this particular issue by those agencies and there are inconsistencies between the agencies that needs to be addressed. TSOL Geraci echoed this sentiment, and suggested we develop a strategy to address this from a NYSACOP platform as well.

Chairman Georges reported that NHTSA has released the results of a study regarding High Visibility Enforcement. The conclusion of the study suggests the HVE is an effective strategy and should remain in place as part of crash reduction measures.

Director Tantalo reported that Monroe County is proposing to engage in the “Lights On” program and also has been getting assistance from Inspector Regina on developing a “Bus Patrol” program.

Inspector Regina stated that Suffolk County has officially adopted the “Lights On” program and has received mixed reviews from his officers. He asked Chief Sinagra if his officers buy into the program. Chief Sinagra stated that his officers in fact have embraced the program and it has significantly helped re-engage his team with traffic safety engagement. Chief Sinagra reported that his agency’s traffic stops have increased by 40% since the implementation of the program.

Chief Sinagra reports that he is very close to receiving the opportunity to attain a seat on the Cannabis Advisory Board and hopes to represent NYSACOP. He also related that the NYS Cannabis Control Board officially acknowledged the <21 Possession loophole in the penal law and he is hoping that there will be legislation put forth in the near future which will bring marijuana possession statutes in line with the ABC laws.


  • New Business:
    • GTSC Proposal re: Labor Day Press Event – Long Island/Jones Beach:

TSSC Denz reported that GTSC is trying to put together a press event with the Nassau County and Suffolk County Police Departments at a location TBD on Long Island. Currently, GTSC is looking to conduct the press conference sometime between 8/7 and 8/15 and is hoping to hold it at the Jones Beach Facility. GTSC was also hoping to have Suffolk County Police Officer Tim Thrane speak at the press event as a Victim Advocate. Inspector Regina stated he will help with coordination efforts.


    • New GTSC Grant Applications from NYSACOP/Other Agencies (Dan)

TSSC Denz reported that through our efforts at NYSACOP, 17 agencies which we service became new GTSC Grant Applicants FY-2023. The list is as follows:

NYSACOP Members:

  • Baldwinsville PD
  • Ballston Spa PD
  • Bronxville PD
  • Chatham PD
  • Crawford PD
  • Deerpark PD
  • Irvington PD
  • Kent PD
  • Lackawanna PD
  • Pound Ridge PD

Non-Member but on POC List:

  • Elmira
  • Head of the Harbor
  • Jamestown
  • Larchmont - Village
  • LeRoy
  • Piermont
  • Whitesboro


    • IACP Impaired Driving & Traffic Safety Conference – August 21 -23, San Antonio, TX:

Chairman Georges advised the TSC on this event and proposed that NYSACOP sponsor 2 attendees through the GTSC grant. Inspector Regina and Director Tantalo were asked to gauge interested within their respective regions.


    • 2022 Annual New York Highway Safety Symposium – October 26 -28, Colonie, N.Y.

Chairman Georges advised the TSC about this event and asked everyone to save the date. Inspector Regina notified the TSC that he is scheduled to conduct a presentation at the event.


    • Updates on Traffic Safety Activities and Training Courses:

Nothing to Report


    • Other:

Inspector Regina reported on a new trend being observed in his jurisdiction whereby young people are renting U-Haul pickup trucks and using them to engage in street racing and other reckless means of vehicle operation.


  • Follow-up Activities/Assignments:
    • Schedule re: Future TSC Meetings

Next meeting to be held in-person at the NYSACOP Annual Conference in July.


    • TSC Meetings with Traffic Safety Partners/Guests:

None currently scheduled


    • NYSACOP TSC – Recruitment, Diversity and Succession Plan:

Ongoing effort.


    • Topics for “Intersections” and podcasts including guest contributors:

Continue to look for suggestions.


    • Other:

No additional items discussed.


  • Date of Next Meeting: Tentative date is Wednesday July 27, 2023 at 8:45 A.M. at the NYSACOP Annual Conference, Queensbury Hotel, Glens Falls, N.Y. (subject to change).


  • Adjourn:

Motion: Chief Joseph Sinagra
2nd: Inspector David Regina


Mission Statement
Assist our members in enhancing traffic safety services to reduce crash related fatalities, injuries and economic loss, while also providing additional positive outcomes resulting in safer roadways and communities.