Minutes for March 11, 2021 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Welcome and Meeting Called to Order

  • Meeting Called to Order by the Chair at 11am

Roll Call: Chief Daniel Denz, Chief (ret.) Mark Henderson, Deputy Inspector David Regina, Chief (ret.) Michael Geraci (TSOL), Assistant Chief (ret.) Bill Georges (TSOL), Deputy Chief (ret.) Dominick Macherone (Chairman)

  • Chief Denz excused for travel, all other members are present.

Introduction of Guest Speaker – NYSACOP Executive Director Patrick Phelan

  • NYSACOP Executive Director offered his thanks to each member of the Committee for their willingness to participate in an active role. On behalf of NYSACOP he expressed collective appreciation to Nick Macherone upon his retirement from his GTSC/NYSACOP. For the last fourteen years Nick has been assigned as an LEL and has provided a great amount of assistance to NYSACOP members. His efforts and friendship are gratefully appreciated, we wish him and his family the very best wishes in retirement.
  • Chief Henderson and Dep. Inspector Regina both offered their thanks and appreciation to Nick for all of the assistance and friendship that he has provided to each of them over many years.

Approval of February 11 & 16, 2021 Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to approve by Chief Henderson, 2nd by Dep. Insp. Regina.

Updates/Status on Previous Agenda Topics

  • Traffic Point of Contact/Registry – current registrations
  1. As of today’s date we have 154 POC’s identified. We intend to begin POC meetings by Zone within the next two weeks.

TraCS PODCAST by NYSP Sergeant Hedges/TraCS Coordinator (pending)

  • We are waiting a response from NYSP Sgt. Hedges to see if he is willing to offer a TraCS webinar.
  • Chief Henderson suggests TraCS webinar specific for CEO’s has many law enforcement leaders are not aware of what the system can offer, especially in terms of data retrieval.
  • We will continue to follow-up on this issue.

Update on NY Legislation “Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act”

  • The new law takes effect on April 1, 2021. It appears that suspensions for Failure to Appear will be allowed, however Failure to Pay Fine will become a payment installment plan and suspensions will not be allowed. No clarifying “P” series memos have been issued at this time. Bill will continue to monitor the situation and stay in contact with DMV legal.

“Intersections” Column released in NYSACOP’s March 2021 Chiefs Chronicle edition

  • We will use this forum to publish traffic related articles. Bill suggests that the next edition highlight Nick Macherone’s dedicated career in highway safety.

AAMVA/IACP/NOBLE – “What to Do and Expect When Pulled Over by Police”

  • Bill reviewed the AAMVA/IACP/NOBLE document and the suggested NYSACOP cover letter. TSC members had no additional edits, both documents will be sent to the NYSACOP President and Ex. Director for review and approval. When approved the documents will be widely distributed among our Active Members and cadre of Points of Contact.

Roundtable Discussion on Traffic Safety Engagement Resources, Strategies and Best Practices:

  • Start of joint Zone POC Introductory/Orientation meetings (via zoom)
  • POC virtual meetings will be scheduled by NYSACOP Zones over the next couple of weeks. Bill and Mike are currently working on an agenda.

New Business/Roundtable

  • Legislation – NYS Assembly Calendar (A02662), (Senate S00583) titled “An Act to Amend Executive Law, In Relation to Ethnic and Racial Profiling.”
  1. The proposed bill prohibits police officers from using racial and ethnic profiling; requires that a procedure be established for the taking and review of complaints against police officers for racial and ethnic profiling.
  • Follow-up discussion on data collection various states require during traffic stops and related concerns for officer’s misrepresentation of race, gender, etc. All TSC members agree and suggests that all required personal data be displayed on NYS driver’s licenses.
  • Traffic presentation at NYSACOP’s Training Conference in July (time slot reserved)
  1. We believe that either a 75- or 90-minute slot has been reserved for a Traffic Safety session on Tuesday, July 27. Mike will confirm with Mark Spawn who is coordinating all sessions.
  • 2/16/21 News Article – “NYS Troopers Gird for More Pot Smokers Behind the Wheel”
  1. The NYSP is gearing-up for marijuana legalization and providing increased ARIDE training for their field personnel.
  • GTSC Program/Training/LEL Updates and 2022 GTSC Call Letter
  1. Thirty-three officers have applied for the October DRE training class, NYSACOP was instrumental in promoting and soliciting attendees. GTSC is very pleased with the results.
  2. GTSC sent notice to all law enforcement agencies that 2022 highway safety grant applications must be submitted on or before May 1. NYSACOP has requested that GTSC offer a Grant Workshop Webinar. Our request was honored, a March 24 webinar is scheduled.

TSC Follow-up Activities/Assignments:

  • TSC Meeting Alignment with the Traffic Safety Partnership Work Group
  1. During our April meeting we will discuss the best approach on how to include our external partners, including GTSC, NHTSA, ITSMR and others to be identified.


  • Deputy Insp. Regina relayed a conversation that he had with DMV Asst. Comm. DeWeese regarding oral fluid pilot testing. A challenge is the lack of adequate field-testing devices and therefore the pilot program was deemed unsuccessful. The issue is related to potential legislation that is associated with pending marijuana legalization.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 7 @11am via Zoom

  • Mike will send the Zoom link and minutes of the March meeting in advance.


  • Motion to adjourn by Chief Henderson, 2nd by Dep. Insp. Regina.
  • Meeting adjourned at 12pm.

NYSACOP Traffic Safety Committee Mission Statement

“Assist our members in enhancing traffic safety services to reduce crash related fatalities, injuries and economic loss, while also providing additional positive outcomes resulting in safer roadway and communities.”