October 11, 2023 11:00 A.M. (Zoom)
Meeting Minutes
  • Meeting Called to Order – 11:00 A.M.
  • Roll Call:  Inspector David Regina, Suffolk County PD, Director of Public Safety Richard Tantalo, Monroe County, Chief Kenzie Spaulding, Corning PD, Chief William Worden, Port Jervis PD, Commissioner Kenneth Jackson, Garden City PD, Chief (ret.) Daniel Denz, West Seneca PD (NYSACOP Traffic Safety Services Coordinator), Chief (ret.) Joseph Sinagra, Saugerties PD (NYSACOP GTSC LEL), Chief (ret.) Michael Geraci, Schenectady PD (NYSACOP TSOL), Assistant Chief (ret.) William Georges, Albany PD (NYSACOP TSOL & TSC Chairman).

  Inspector Regina excused, all others present and accounted for.


  • Congratulations to Commissioner Kenneth Jackson on his appointment as a member of the NYSACOP Traffic Safety Committee and to Chief Joseph Sinagra on his retirement from Saugerties PD and his appointment to the position of NYSACOP GTSC Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL).


  • Approval of September 6, 2023, Committee Meeting Minutes:

1st: Chief Worden
2nd: LEL Sinagra


  • Updates/Status on Previous Agenda Topics:
    • NYS TAP Committee/DRE Issues:

Chairman Georges reported that the next NYS TAP Committee meeting is scheduled for November 15th starting at 9:30 A.M. at the Nexus Center, 300 Oriskany Street West, Utica, N.Y. and that Inspector Regina informed him that he will be attending the meeting.

He also reported that the most recent DRE class ended and a new one is scheduled for January 2024.


    • Cannabis Update:

LEL Sinagra stated that the Hudson Valley region is once again accepting applications for dispensary locations and that the same standards pertaining to applicant’s pedigree are still in place. He also stated there is nothing new to report on the status of the Cannabis Control Board’s Enforcement Division.


    • Oral Fluid Testing:

Chairman Georges reviewed the last meeting we had with the TSC’s Oral Fluid Testing working group. He also stated he has been in contact with Renee Borden from GTSC regarding this issue. Ms. Borden informed him that an Oral Fluid Testing Working Group currently exists and invited Chairman Georges to participate if he was interested in doing so. More to follow.

Chairman Georges further reported that he NYSACOP Board of Governors voted to allow the TSC to draft a Position Statement on Oral Fluid Testing if/when appropriate. More to follow.

Chairman Georges informed the TSC that there will be a presentation on Oral Fluid Testing at the upcoming NYSACOP/NYSSA Leadership Summit in November.

LEL Sinagra reported that he brought this topic up at a recent meeting of the Ulster County Traffic Safety Board and they were unaware that the technology exists or that the policy/legal research and development is underway.


    • Massachusetts Mandatory Cannabis Impaired Driving Curriculum:

Chairman Georges reported that the NYSACOP Board of Governors voted to allow the TSC to draft a Position Statement on this topic and it is currently being constructed.


    • Johns Hopkins University Project: Innovative Approaches to Law Enforcement and Traffic Safety

TSOL Geraci reported that the John’s Hopkins was impressed by the FFY23 NYSACOP LEL model and they are looking at ways to replicate it on a national level. He also informed the TSC on the webinar series Johns Hopkins has been presenting and that they are now the entity responsible for coordinating the LEL program for NHTSA.


    • DCJS Public Safety Symposium, September 25 – 28, 2023, Albany, N.Y:

Chairman Georges and TSSC Denz reported on their experiences at the Symposium and on their respective training presentations. Both stated they were pleased overall with the audience attendance and engagement and that they were able to establish new contacts to assist NYSACOP traffic safety efforts/initiatives.

Based on a brief discussion with a DMV Legal representative who attended the traffic safety presentation at the Symposium, a short discussion was held regarding the legal operation of golf carts across a highway based on an inquiry by Inspector Regina. So far, it appears that this issue is not directly addressed in the VTL, or elsewhere. More to follow should new information be discovered.


    • Outreach to Regional Chiefs of Police Associations & Major City Chiefs:

Chairman Georges stated that since the GTSC FFY24 grant has now been secured, plans for future outreach are being developed with training presentations in the Corning PD and North Country areas being considered.

TSSC Denz reported that he continues to attend regional meetings, with Erie County Chiefs later today and Western NY Chiefs coming up on October 19th.


    • GTSC Update/Issues: 

Chairman Georges reported that the NYSACOP FFY24 GTSC grant has been awarded. There are some significant changes over the FFY23 grant particularly the addition of Chief (ret.) Joe Sinagra as the new NYSACOP GTSC LEL assigned to the GTSC office in Albany and the reduction of several budget line items which may impact services as we proceed throughout the grant cycle. TSSC Denz will monitor the grant appropriations and make necessary adjustments along the way.


    • Traffic Safety Engagement and Equity in Enforcement Programs:

Chairman Georges stated there was nothing new to report in this area. He did, however, review a presentation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol regarding equity. Chairman Georges stated there was not much actual equity discussion in the presentation and offered to send it to any TSC member who may be interested in reviewing it.

Director Tantalo reported on Monroe County’s continued efforts with traffic safety messaging through both traditional and social media outlets and is interested in working with the TSC to distribute his experiences beyond our group.


  • New Business:
    • Deadly Driving Bill, S.3135/A.174:

Chairman Georges reported that he was given authorization by NYSACOP Executive Director Phelan and the NYSACOP Officers to draft written testimony on behalf of the Association which was delivered to the NYS Legislative Transportation Committee during their public hearing on September 22, 2023, at 10:00 A.M. regarding the Deadly Driving legislative bill. Chairman Georges shared and discussed the testimony with the TSC members.


    • Updates on NYS DMV Crash/Accident Reports:

TSSC Denz reported on the ongoing DMV project to update all NYS Accident/Crash reports. The updated reports are scheduled to be released in August of 2024. There is a DMV working group in place to revamp the reports, and there will be beta testing groups comprised of active law enforcement officers established whose goal will be to review the functionality of the new forms prior to the final release. TSCC Denz will keep the TSC informed as future progress is made.


    • NYSACOP – NYSSA Leadership Summit, November 8-9, 2023, Albany, N.Y:

Chairman Georges reviewed the upcoming Summit. He reiterated that there will be Traffic Safety presentations delivered at the event and encouraged all to attend.


    • IACP Annual Conference, October 13-17, 2023, San Diego, CA:

Chairman Georges polled the TSC on their intent to attend IACP and informed them of the IACP Roadway Safety Committee meeting scheduled for Sunday October 15th at 1:00 P.M.

TSSC Denz went through a listing of all the traffic safety presentations being offered during the Conference, which is more than IACP has offered in the past. TSSC Denz stated he would e-mail the sessions to those who are planning on attending.


    • Traffic Safety Activities and Training Courses:

Chairman Georges reviewed the list of DCJS and GTSC Traffic Safety training courses currently being offered.


    • Other:

Nothing to report.


  • Follow-up Activities/Assignments:
    • Schedule re: Future TSC Meetings

Chairman Georges stated he would like to have an in-person meeting at the NYSACOP/NYSSA Leadership Summit in November. There was discussion held re: member’s desire and availability. It was decided that an in-person meeting will be held sometime November 9th, either during or immediately following the Summit. Chairman Georges will work on the logistics and notify TSC once arrangements are settled.


    • TSC Meetings with Traffic Safety Partners/Guests:

Chairman Georges encouraged TSC members to forward suggestions for any guests that they might want to have at a future TSC meeting. None scheduled at this time.


    • NYSACOP TSC – Recruitment, Diversity and Succession Plan:

Chairman Georges once again congratulated Commissioner Jackson on his appointment to the TSC and thanked all TSC members for their ongoing participation. The TSC is currently fully staffed.


    • Topics for “Intersections” and podcasts including guest contributors:

Director Tantalo suggested an article be crafted on Monroe County’s continued efforts with traffic safety messaging through both traditional and social media outlets. Chairman Georges related that he has been contacted by Monroe County STOP-DWI Coordinator, Lindsay Tomidy, regarding same and he will be working with her to get an article into the next Chief’s Chronicle.


    • Other:

Nothing to report.


  • Date of Next Meeting:
    • November 9, 2023 (in-person) at the NYSACOP/NYSSA Leadership Summit, Albany, N.Y. Time TBD.


  • Motion to Adjourn:

1st: Director Tantalo
2nd: LEL Sinagra


Mission Statement
Assist our members in enhancing traffic safety services to reduce crash related fatalities, injuries and economic loss, while also providing additional positive outcomes resulting in safer roadways and communities.