September 13, 2022 11:00 A.M. (Zoom)
Meeting Minutes
  • Meeting Called to Order – 11:00 A.M.
  • Roll Call:  Chief Joseph Sinagra, Saugerties PD, Inspector David Regina, Suffolk County PD, Monroe  County Director of Public Safety Richard Tantalo, Chief (ret.) Daniel Denz, West Seneca PD  (NYSACOP Traffic Safety Services Coordinator), Chief (ret.) Michael Geraci, Schenectady PD  (NYSACOP TSOL), Assistant Chief (ret.) William Georges, Albany PD (NYSACOP TSOL & TSC  Chairman)

All members present and accounted for, with the exception of Monroe County Director of Public Safety Richard Tantalo, who was excused from attending.


  • Guests: Sgt. Jon Rivers, Rochester PD and Officer Greg Sandbichler, Suffolk Co. PD. Overview of  IACP Impaired Driving & Traffic Safety Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Chairman Georges welcomed both guests to the meeting and introduced the TSC members to  them. Both individually discussed their respective conference experience and then there was a  short Q&A session by members of the TSC. Sgt Rivers and Officer Sandbichler both reported they  had an extremely positive experience and highly recommended that NYSACOP consider  sponsoring officers to attend future IACP IDATS conferences.


  • Approval of August 16, 2022 Committee Meeting Minutes:

Motion: Inspector Regina 
2nd : Chief Sinagra 


  • Updates/Status on Previous Agenda Topics:
    • NYS TAP Committee/DRE Issues:

Inspector Regina stated there is nothing new to report at this time and the next TAP meeting will  be scheduled sometime this fall. TSSC Denz related that GTSC Program Manager Borden just sent  out the notice of the next TAP meeting and it is scheduled for November 3, 2022, from 3pm-5pm  in East Syracuse. Inspector Regina stated he plans on attending.


    • DMV Legal Response re: Drivers Participating in Zoom Meetings While Driving:

Chairman Georges reported that this legislative initiative is going to be sponsored in the Assembly.  As a result, action on the matter is tabled for the time being.


    • National LEL Program Request for Webinar:

Chairman Georges reported that Inspector Regina, Chief Sinagra and he are in the process of  finalizing a webinar and will contact NLELP Director Tim Burrows when work is completed.


    • Coalition Against Big Trucks (CABT) Request for NYSACOP Support:

Chairman Georges reported that he did receive an official correspondence from CABT outlining  their mission, along with a formal request for support from NYSACOP. He related that he is  working on a draft letter of support which will be presented to the Board of Governors for their  approval at the next NYSACOP Board meeting.


    • National Law Enforcement Memorial & Museum Webinar “What is Killing Officers on Our Roadways: A Review of the Data”:

TSOL Geraci reported that he contacted Nick Breul, and that Mr. Breul is interested in working  with NYSACOP to conduct a presentation. TSOL Geraci stated that he plans on inviting Mr. Breul  to be a guest at a future in-person TSC meeting.


    • NYS Highway Safety Symposium, October 26-28, 2022, Desmond Crowne Plaza Hotel, Colonie, N.Y:

Chairman Georges reported that TSSC Denz, TSOL Geraci and he are going to attend this conference. Inspector Regina stated that he is scheduled to be a guest speaker at the conference as well.


    • NYSACOP – NYSSA Leadership Summit, November 9 & 10, 2022, Queensbury Hotel, Glens Falls, N.Y.

Chairman Georges reported that the registration for the Summit was just posted. All members of the TSC plan to attend. Chairman Georges stated that he is planning on calling for an in-person  TSC meeting at the Summit. Schedule TBD 


    • Outreach to Regional Chiefs of Police Associations & Major City Chiefs:

Chairman Georges reported that the NYSACOP Traffic Safety Team is increasing its outreach efforts. He relayed that with the assistance of Chief Sinagra, TSOL Geraci and he, along with NYSACOP Executive Director Phelan, will be attending a traffic safety training and roundtable  discussion meeting with the Mid-Hudson Chiefs, and they will also be traveling to a meeting of the Westchester Chiefs. TSSC Denz will be meeting with the Erie County Chiefs in WNY on the same day.


    • GTSC Update/Issues: 

Chairman Georges reported that the NYSACOP GTSC grant is in the final approval stages and that the official Letter of Approval and Contract are being sent for proper signatory process. He also relayed that GTSC continues with its staff re-organization. 


    • Traffic Safety Engagement and Equity in Enforcement Programs:

TSC efforts in this area are ongoing – nothing specific to report at this meeting


  • New Business:
    • GTSC Agency Site Visits/Agencies with Grants Not Approved:

Chairman Georges reported that the agency GTSC grant application process for FFY23 is completed and funding awards finalized. There were approximately 12 municipal agencies whose applications were denied. Chairman Georges related that the NYSACOP Traffic Safety Team strategy is to reach out to our member agencies to review their rejected applications and advise them how to construct their future applications so they can receive GTSC funds moving into FFY24.


    • Traffic Safety Activities and Training Courses: 

Chairman Georges reviewed a NY Times article based on street racing activities in Oakland, CA and how Instagram was being used for participants to avoid enforcement actions. He pointed out his concerns of a statement in the article from Oakland PD that traffic enforcement is not a high priority for their agency. Inspector Regina reported his jurisdiction has continuing issues with street racing and reckless driving, but since his agency has increased enforcement initiatives, the activity appears to be trending downward.

Chairman Georges reviewed several traffic safety related trainings that were recently sent to the NYSACOP Traffic Safety Points of Contact, posted on the NYSACOP website and soon to be published in the NYSACOP weekly bulletin.

Chairman Georges reported on, and congratulated TSOL Geraci for his recent appointment to the National Association of Counties Public Safety Committee.

TSSC Denz relayed that he will be attending the GHSA Annual Conference in Louisville, KY September 17-21, 2022. He also reported that he recently attended a planning meeting for the NYSACOP Executive Training being developed for February 2023 in Niagara Falls, NY to ensure that there is a segment dedicated to traffic safety and engagement.

Chief Sinagra reported that he attended a recent Classic Car show in Lake George. He said he was surprised by how much reckless driving activities he observed during the event. TSOL Geraci stated that in his position sitting on the Warren County Public Safety Committee, he is scheduled to meet with the Warren County Sheriff to discuss the same issue.

Inspector Regina reported that Suffolk County PD conducted DWI Checkpoints on the past three consecutive weekends which resulted in 24 arrests.


    • Other:

No other issues reported at this time.


  • Follow-up Activities/Assignments:
    • Schedule re: Future TSC Meetings

Chairman Georges relayed that due to significant scheduling conflicts of all TSC members he recommends that there be no meeting held in October. All TSC members agreed.


    • TSC Meetings with Traffic Safety Partners/Guests:

TSOL Geraci stated that he believed that the guests today, Sgt. Rivers and Officer Sandbichler, presented themselves very well and their involvement in this meeting was well worth inviting them to speak on their conference experience. He suggested that the TSC continue to invite guests, particularly those who participate in municipal traffic units. All TSC members concurred.


    • NYSACOP TSC – Recruitment, Diversity and Succession Plan:

Recruitment is ongoing. Nothing to report at this meeting.


    • Topics for “Intersections” and podcasts including guest contributors:

Chairman Georges reported that he authored an Intersections article for the upcoming Chief’s Chronicle and he continues to look for guest authors for upcoming articles.


    • Other:

Chief Sinagra reported that Retail Cannabis Distribution licenses are now being granted and issued. Although retail distribution sites are far and few between right now, he anticipates more opening in the near future.


  • Date of Next Meeting:
As previously stated, no meeting will be held in October. Next meeting is anticipated to be an in-person meeting November 9th or 10th during the NYSACOP – NYSSA Leadership Summit. Confirmation on date and time will be sent out soon.


  • Adjourn: 12:15 PM

Motion: Chief Sinagra
2nd: Inspector Regina


Mission Statement
Assist our members in enhancing traffic safety services to reduce crash related fatalities, injuries and economic loss, while also providing additional positive outcomes resulting in safer roadways and communities.