With COVID receding, NP police to get back to ticketing

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Local police are conceding that they haven’t been ticketing motorists for infractions as they typically would without a pandemic, due largely to fear over contracting coronavirus.  But with officers now vaccinated, and the world emerging from COVID-19, they say they’ll get those ticketing efforts back into gear.

Deputy Chief Alfredo Ruggiero made the concession during the Town Council’s “speed bump summit” last Thursday, March 11. He told council members that there had been 72 police posts over the previous five days since Mayor Charles Lombardi told police they need to ramp up their efforts.  Lombardi said officials should give police some time to address his recent requests for more enforcement, waiting some weeks to call them back for an update. He said that prior to this month’s ticketing spree, there is “no way” police have come close to 72 posts over a five-day period in the past six months.  “I think what needed to happen is exactly what we did, a visit to the police and ask them to step up their game,” he told the council.

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