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In light of the pandemic and associated travel and distancing restrictions, the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police regrets to announce that the 2020 conference has been cancelled. Executive Director Michael Geraci said, “This is a time when we would prefer to assemble in order to discuss public safety priorities, but the current public health situation does not appear that it will be adequately resolved for our members to meet in July.” Chief of Police Patrick Phelan, President of the Association noted that this cancellation is historic. “In the 120 year history of our proud organization, the only other time we cancelled our annual conference was during World War I.” The conference is the premier training event for New York State law enforcement executives featuring renowned speakers and presenters on contemporary topics in public safety.

For those members who have already submitted their registration fee, we will begin processing refunds over the next couple of days.  Please send any conference related questions to [email protected].

Watch for more news and information as we have already initiated planning the 2021 Conference. 




The New York State Association of Chiefs of Police has proven throughout the years to the people of this State that we are united, not only for the advancement of the general welfare of the police profession, but more specifically:

  • for the purpose of maintaining law and order,
  • for the improvement and professionalization of law enforcement,
  • to advocate and promote reforms in the laws in association and collaboration with the Legislature,
  • for the safety, protection and general welfare of all our citizens,
  • and to assist in and facilitate the administration of criminal justice on national, state and local levels.

Statement from Chief Patrick D. Phelan, NYSACOP President

 The New York State Association of Chiefs of Police is a dedicated family of New York law enforcement leaders.  As such, we collectively denounce in the strongest terms, the illegal behavior that led to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN.   It is heartbreaking for us to see the conduct of a few individuals tarnish the honorable work of an overwhelming majority of dedicated police officers.  The members of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police and their officers strive for ethical excellence and procedural justice every day in service to our communities.  While we support peaceful and productive protests in search of social justice, we condemn illegal and violent behavior that result in personal injuries on our streets and the destruction of property in our neighborhoods.  As civil unrest continues in many of our cities, we pray for the safety of all police officers and the public who we serve across New York. 

We further pledge that we will work collectively with our community partners to address their concerns and repair the legitimacy of law enforcement in the eyes of all the people we serve.