When a DRE is needed:

We have received inquiries regarding the availability of NYSP Drug Recognition Expert’s (DRE’s) to assist municipal agencies when a DRE evaluation of a suspected drug-impaired motorist is requested. Please ensure that In advance of requesting a DRE, SFST’s have been conducted and when possible, have an ARIDE trained officer further observe and interview the suspect for an additional determination. Also, be aware that a DRE certification applies throughout the United States and evaluations may be conducted anywhere for any agency. Therefore, in addition to requesting the assistance of the NYSP, consider other municipal agencies for DRE assistance as well. A complete list of current NYS DRE’s is available in the attached link below.

NYSP DRE Call-out process:

  • Each Troop has a call list of all available DREs to be utilized whenever a DRE is requested;
  • DRE’s may be requested through any NYSP dispatch center or supervisor;
  • All DREs are also encouraged to conduct evaluations for any police officer from any agency
  • A full list of all NYS DREs is available on the GTSC website by clicking on the DRE Officers tab which can be found at the following link:  https://trafficsafety.ny.gov/dre-program-resources#nys-dre-officers