NHTSA Influencer Campaign to Educate Drivers Safety Features

The NYSACOP traffic safety team is vigilant for information that may assist you in both traffic safety engagement and community outreach. While information re: enforcement initiatives, campaigns, etc. is often what we circulate, education pieces are also an important component to a comprehensive and well-balanced traffic safety program. As such, we wanted to make you aware of a recent educational campaign released by NHTSA regarding driver safety features that newer vehicles are equipped with and how they function.

Drivers of these vehicles may not be aware of how various technologies work even though their vehicle may be equipped with them. Also, people who are considering purchasing a newer vehicle may want to know more about the various technologies that are available. The link below will take you to NHTSA’s new educational effort highlighting some of these technologies. Educating the public on crash avoidance technology is an example of how an agency can both highlight the importance of traffic safety and convey to your community that your agency is a great public safety resource. As such, using your department’s social media platforms to disseminate this information/link may be an initiative to consider.