In the June edition of Chiefly Speaking:Chiefly Speaking June 2022

  • Cover Story & President’s Corner: Retired Buffalo Cop a Hero Amid Mass Shooting

  • Executive Director Patrick Phelan updates us on the Rochester Police Accountability Board – a controversy, lots of spending, but nothing delivered. Even one City Councilor is asking, ‘what do you guys do over there?

  • NEW – PERMA Law Enforcement/Corrections Injury Report Infographic

  • NYSACOP Annual Conference information - Register Now

  • IACP Fact Sheet on the President’s Police Reform Order

  • Commissioner/Sheriff Tom Gleason Retires Tomorrow

  • Heatstroke Prevention Materials from NHTSA

plus Cop Tales, our Looking Back historical retrospective, webinars, training opportunities with interactive links, and more!  

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