In the December 2020 edition of The Chief’s Chronicle magazine:

Chiefs Chronicle December 2020

As we near the end of a tumultuous year, we focus on the wellness of the men and women who are serving our communities. We highlight President Patrick Phelan’s Chief’s Wellness Challenge initiative, a certification program where agencies are recognized for supporting the physical fitness of their employees and affording mental health services. We also discuss a new program which provides cultural competency for mental health therapists about the nuances of working with first responders. The Certified First Responder Counselor program instructs therapists about the unique world of police, firefighters, EMS and 911 professionals. By having an understanding of horrific car crashes, burns, child abuse, death, and other stressful scenes, counselors can have a better understanding of what “normal” is for that first responder and serve them better.  Also:

  • Chief/Ret. Mike Ranalli discusses de-escalation;
  • Read about one of our own members who will soon become a member of the NYS Legislature;
  • Chief Stuart Cameron provides a comprehensive overview of the risks associated with radiological security;
  • Learn about the problem with rogue motorbikes and ATV’s and how one our member agencies is tackling the problem;

and much more!

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