In the December 2021 edition of The Chief’s Chronicle magazine:

Chiefs Chronicle December 2021

  • Cover Story: Acting Commissioner Stuart Cameron says when it comes to active shooters, barricaded subject and hostage situations, Knowing the Right Tactic is Critical;
  • Chief/Ret. Michael Ranalli, Esq. takes a look at the shooting on the movie set of Rust. What can be learned from the circumstances? In Counsel’s Corner, Ranalli says, Keep Asking Why? Root Cause Analysis of a Contemporary Tragedy;
  • Learn about Canton PD and meet Chief James Santimaw in our Agency Spotlight;
  • Chief/Ret. Raymond Davis (Law Enforcement Liaison NHTSA Region 2) urges departments to focus on traffic safety through education, engagement, enforcement and equity in Time to Reengage Traffic Efforts;
  • Read about several officers recognized for heroic and exemplary performance in two different stories, from Rye Brook PD and the Central NY Assn. of Chiefs of Police;
  • Chief Brian Gould discusses a new approach for working with persons with addiction in Transforming the Police Response to the Opiate Epidemic;
  • President Tim Parisi reviews the recent Leadership Summit;
  • Executive Director Patrick Phelan talks about how NYSACOP is working with our Major Cities Members;
  • At our 2021 conference Major Clyde Doty was recognized for saving a life at the brink of Niagara Falls. But did you know that NYSACOP recognized another Parks Officer 50 Years Earlier for his attempt to rescue a woman?;
  • Read about: NYSACOP Board Member Michael Woods Promoted to Chief of Police, and NYSACOP Members Owen McShane Receives Lifetime Achievement Award, and Chief Brad Weidel Retires;
  • and much more!

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