In the September 2022 edition of The Chief’s Chronicle magazine:

Chiefs Chronicles September 2022

School is in session! And several School Resource Officers are hard at work throughout New York State’s schools. In our Specialized Units Series we feature several of our member agencies and the impressive work being done to protect and serve students, teachers, and parents. Read about the special services being provided by law enforcement and their important role in the greater school community.

  • President Kevin Sylvester reviews the annual NYSACOP Training Conference; Executive Director Patrick Phelan discusses Concealed Carry and several pieces of legislation.
  • Chief/Ret. Michael Ranalli’s Counsel’s Corner examines a Supreme Court case involving Miranda. In his review of Vega v. Tekoh Chief Ranalli asks, Does the SCOTUS Case Really Change Anything about Miranda Warnings? 
  • In the Chief’s Corner, Commissioner/Ret. Stuart Cameron urges agencies to Review the Basics as we begin to return to normal as COVID restrictions are relaxed.
  • In our Leadership Series authored by Chief/Ret. Greg Veitch, a trainer on executive development and the principles of leadership, he discusses The Isolation Problem.
  • How Can Police Learn from Maritime Disasters? Gordon Graham examines several incidents and relates that the same “problems lying in wait” in naval incidents are the same as those in law enforcement operations. The way in which we scrutinize failures in other industries can help us to avert tragedies in our own discipline. Don’t miss this must-read!
  • Two esteemed police chiefs in New York State have recently retired – read about the illustrious careers of Chief Kevin Velzy (SUNY Oswego PD) and Chief Michael Inserra (New Hartford PD). When Chief Jeffrey Spaulding (Corning PD), his successor will be his wife, 1st Lt. Kenzie Spaulding. Be sure to read A Unique Transition in the Chief’s Office.
  • What does the future hold for Recruit Firearms Training in New York State? What about Job-Related Physical Ability Testing for Police Candidates? Guest articles from the Division of Criminal Justice Services explore current efforts and research on both areas. You and your department may be asked for feedback in these important areas.
  • The Town of Tonawanda has been at the Cutting-edge of EMS services in New York State. Read about the history of paramedic services in Tonawanda and innovations that are expediting services to persons in need, including diversion of persons with addiction, the provision of Narcan and Suboxone, and other referrals.
  • In Westchester County, police and other public service agencies are providing a comprehensive response to domestic violence. Assistant District Attorney Frederic Green discusses How Domestic Violence High Risk Teams and Lethality Assessment Tools Can Improve the Safety of Survivors of Domestic Violence.
  • Learn about Body Worn Camera Implementation in a Midsize Upstate New York Law Enforcement Agency from Kyungseok Choo, James C. Brown, and Caitlin A. Hopkins of the Department of Economic Crime, Justice Studies & Cybersecurity, School of Business & Justice Studies at Utica University.

Plus ‘Intersections’ from the NYSACOP Traffic Safety Committee, the story behind this year’s recipients of the NYSACOP Chief Thomas P. Reilly Memorial Medal of Honor, highlights from the annual NYSACOP Training Conference, Investigating Animal Cruelty, training opportunities, and much more!

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