In the September 2021 edition of The Chief’s Chronicle magazine:

Chiefs Chronicles September 2021
  • President Timothy Parisi on police critics: Work With Us, Not Against Us;
  • Executive Director Patrick Phelan comments about the downfall of a Governor;
  • Cover Story: Commemorating a Fallen NYSACOP President – our cover photo was taken in 1969 at the scene of the shooting of NYSACOP President Chief Thomas Reilly and Officer Robert Mumford in Sherrill, NY. The NYSACOP Medal of Honor was officially named in Chief Reilly’s memory at the NYSACOP Conference;
  • The Threat of an Improvised Nuclear Device – Commissioner Stuart Cameron says that preparation is key to the response of an IND;
  • Highlights of the Annual NYSACOP Training Conference – read about the conference and check out our photo gallery!
  • Congresswoman Elise Stefanik provided the keynote address at the NYSACOP Conference: says our nation is facing a crisis of crime, and we need to fully support our police;
  • Duty to Intercede – Chief Michael Ranalli, Esq. asks, are your training on duty to intercede?; what is your agency culture?
  • Agency Spotlight: Learn about Kent PD and Chief Kevin Owens;
  • Vouchers Instead of Tickets? Learn about a program that promotes positive motorist interactions and traffic safety;
  • and more! 

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