In the March 2022 edition of The Chief’s Chronicle magazine:

Chiefs Chronicle March 2022

Authorities in Gloversville knew there was a problem – they saw the trajectory of an out-of-control teen. Even though police, child protective services and the schools knew that a now-15-year-old was heading down the wrong path, their hands were tied by the “justice” system. The youth who had racked up 12 cases with the police during the summer of 2020, was also a suspect in an additional 13 cases. But it would take the murder of a 59-year-old man for the youth to be placed in detention. It is not a unique situation in Fulton County, the story is emblematic of the limited resources and the absence of accountability that resonate throughout other parts of New York State. In our cover story, Gloversville Police Chief Anthony Clay and School Superintendent Dave Halloran discuss the challenges facing their fields when trying to get services for adolescent offenders, and how it impacts public safety.

Also, President Timothy Parisi and Executive Director Patrick Phelan discuss two issues affecting law enforcement in the Empire State – The Law Enforcement Response to Mental Health Calls and Civil Service Reform, respectively.

Learn about the NYSACOP Blueprint for Social Justice Reforms, Use of Force in Chief Michael Ranalli’s Counsel’s Corner, Vehicle Attacks in Chief Stuart Cameron’s Chief’s Corner, and an agency profile of the Dunkirk Police Department. 

Other stories:

Chief Joseph Sinagra discusses discussions between law enforcement and the cannabis industry as the retail market begins to take form; Lifesaving actions by officers in anoverdose, and in a rescue from a burning building; Learn about NYC’s pedestrian safety initiative; and in our Historical column we reflect on how police relief funds took care of widowed officers in the early twentieth century. We also profile the illustrious careers of three retiring police executives whose careers collectively span 120 years. Don’t miss the inspirational story of how a police officer redirected a young woman caught in a meth raid and how she went from being a person with addiction to a college student on the Dean’s List.

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